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Arts and Crafts

Mosaic Arts
Enliven your living space with mosaic vase or even a candle! Start a simple mosaic project to create your own striking home decor. Turn a plain votive into a finished colorful glowing centerpiece, with mosaic stones and grout. Use a little paint and glitter glue, to turn a plain surface into attractive mosaic design.
Handmade Jewelry
Unsurpassed quality of Swarovski Crystals are brought together to give you a piece of jewelry that can be treasured for years. Create jewelry pieces, let your imagination run wild. Be your own designer and create fabulous fashion accessories that are unique and special to you.
Valentine's Day Craft
Nothing says "I love you" like gifts made straight from the heart. So say it like you mean it with Sweetheart Candy, Bookmarks, Flowers, Valentine's Day Card. There are great selections of do-it-yourself crafts. A valentine's day card kit comes with pre-cut craft foam shapes, stencils, stamps, cardstock, and you can make a goof-proof Valentine's card.
Personalize a Wedding
Savvy, stylish couples are looking for ways to add their own style and sophistication to their wedding. Add a creative & personalized touch to your wedding planning with wedding favors, fun-to-make invitation, scrapbooking, jazzy vest for the groom, bow tie, fairy-tale slippers for the flower girl, wedding cake tablecloth, elegant centerpiece, elaborate gift-wrapping ideas and much more..
Scrapbooking is a fantastic way to preserve your memories and family history—and have a lot of fun doing it. Extend your album thru journaling. Organize your photographs and memorabilia. Assemble the right tools and materials. Research your personal history and tell your story. Design attractive, foolproof page layouts. Accessorize with stickers, stamps, and more.
Wedding Favor
Your wedding is unique. Your wedding favors should be, too! Wedding favor is a gift, keepsakes, giveaways, a small token of appreciation for guest to treasure and remember your wedding day.

We can trace wedding favor's roots back to the Italians where the infamous sugarcoated candies called Jordan Almonds. The almond which naturally has a bittersweet taste, representing life and the sugarcoating on the exterior brings forth anticipation of sweetness that life also has to offer. Jordan Almonds symbolize confections of married life and the journey that lies ahead.

Choose from large selections of ready made or do-it-yourself wedding favors to graciously thank your guest.
Holiday Craft
Let your imagination run far beyond the familiar and everyday as you prepare for a holiday season. Transform your home with mantelpiece display, dramatic door wreaths. Create your own distinctive wrapping paper and stunning greeting cards. The satisfaction of making and giving gifts, carefully unpacking heirloom decorations builds up the excitement and charm the recipient a hundred times more than an impersonal store-bought gifts.
Fine oil colors offer the greatest degree of ‘workability’ and the most brilliant color of all paints.

Transparent Water color, in which the white of the paper or surface below shows through the color for maximum brilliance, is the most popular.

Pastels are relatively newcomers in the history of artist materials. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries sticks of pigment bound with chalk and gum became available in hundreds of hues. That range and the color intensity make pastels unique.
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